About Sasebo Tech

Sasebo Tech focuses on providing Edge computing solutions with Jamstack and headless content management systems. Our ideal customers are small to medium business owners who want a more personal touch to their IT solutions.

We are comprised of IT administrators and developers with over two decades of experience. We love open source technologies. Recently, we fell in love with Jamstack and edge technologies, particularly JavaScript frameworks and microservices.

We set up Sasebo Tech in early November 2022. Our initial projects will focus on integrating headless CMSs (WordPress or Hygraph) with JS frameworks such as Astro, SvelteKit, or Next.js.

Downtown Sasebo, Japan

About Sasebo, Japan

Sasebo, Japan, is the hometown for the founder’s Japanese mother. Sasebo hosts a joint naval base between Japan and the US. It is also famous for the Sasebo Burger.

The technology behind the website

Version 1: The website was developed using headless WordPress. All the content was added with WordPress, including the images. The images were uploaded, converted to webp format by WebP Express, and then uploaded to Cloudinary. We used Content Modeler to create the models, then fetched the data, via Rest API, to build the site with SvelteKit. Tailwind UI was used to design the layout of the site before deploying to Vercel.

Version 2: For this version, we developed with GraphQL with WP GraphQL to fetch our data. We intend to add a blogging/news component to the website. The site has been migrated from SvelteKit to Astro with some React and Svelte components.We moved our WordPress instance to Linode for better management and easier configuration.

Version 3 (current): We added news/blog component and a dropdown menu. More pages were added. News slug is working as a static prop.

Version 4 (development): Will be switching more to the Maple Express website to work on the MVP for FI.

Jamstack is like passing the Torii Gate into a new realm.