Our Solutions

We love Jamstack, so naturally all of our projects will be built and deployed on the Edge. Our founder has over 16 years’ experience developing and designing websites with WordPress. Now WordPress is being used primarily as a headless content management system.

Whether you need a website or a learning management, we can develop it with headless WordPress. Choose either Astro, SvelteKit, or Next.js, to build your site. Though there are other options, we prefer to deploy all built sites with Vercel or with Cloudflare pages.

Headless WordPress with Sasebo Tech.

Choose Jamstack, Deploy on the Edge

We promote the benefits of using Jamstack (Javascript, APIs, Markup) to help businesses maximize their online presence. Jamstack offers superior performance and reliability compared to traditional solutions. It also allows for faster and more efficient development, as changes can be made directly in the code and pushed to production quickly and easily.

Jamstack projects can be deployed to any static hosting provider on the Edge. This gives businesses more control over their web hosting. If you do not like one provider, choose another.

We believe Jamstack is the ideal solution for businesses looking to build modern, secure, and reliable websites and applications. With its superior performance, scalability and cost savings, Jamstack is the perfect choice for businesses looking to take their online presence to the next level.

Develop on the Edge with Jamstack

Astro + Svelte + React

We love Astro since it allows us to integrate our favorite components from other frameworks. For this site, we are using several Svelte components, including one for the metadata and SEO schema. We are using React components with our TailwindUI components. We will add more in the future as the website develops further.

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